In Focus (#3-4 March-April 2021)

A Reasonable Compromise

The current global economic downturn, caused by the pandemic and not only, became a turning point for all stakeholders involved in extending finance. As timely debt servicing became topical for many of them, a new wave of restructurings and insolvencies is likely to be just around the corner.

Ukrainian banks accumulated large portfolios of non-performing loans (NPLs) and these create a financial burden on the entire system. The distressed debt market presents some opportunities, but it is still arguable whether foreign investors are currently considering Ukrainian NPLs as really viable targets.

Ukrainian corporate borrowers have no choice but to employ various restructuring options and tools that extend the maturity of their outstanding liabilities so as to find a reasonable compromise with lenders.

Our cover story speakers, Anton Korobeynikov and Igor Lozenko, partners at Sayenko Kharenko, explained the existing tools relevant for the cross-border and domestic agenda.

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