News (#9-10 September-October 2021)

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The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine is shortlisted for the AmChams in Europe (ACE) Creative Network Award. AmCham Ukraines project Membership Engagement Tracker has been shortlisted for the ACE Creative Network Award 2021 as it helps to track interactions with members and measure members engagement.

AmCham Ukraine launched the Membership Engagement Tracker in April 2021 to better serve AmCham member companies, monitor their daily requests and needs, boost interactions with members, and reduce churn.

Membership Engagement Tracker uses WorldApps Key Survey technology, which provides a user-friendly interface and makes it easy to implement with minimal budget spending. Within the Membership Engagement Tracker, one can identify non-active members and increase communication with them, boost membership relationships and identify the number of requests per company as well as the number of members requests executed per AmCham team member.

We are delighted that AmCham Ukraine is recognized among all the 44 AmChams. We launched Membership Engagement Tracker to better serve our members and boost engagements. We are proud to share our innovative experience with other AmChams across Europe, commented AmCham Ukraine President Andy Hunder.

We always make sure that companies feel our support daily and that their requests are not only heard but also fulfilled as soon as possible. ME Tracker is a simple tool that allows us to see how many companies are involved in our activities and always stay in touch with them, commented Nataliya Chervona, AmCham Ukraine Business Development Director.

The three shortlisted 2021 European Creative Network Award finalists are AmCham Croatia Boardroom Discussion: Digital Transformation from CEO Perspective, AmCham Germany Transatlantic Talks 2021 Paving the Path Ahead, and AmCham Ukraine with Membership Engagement Tracker.

The AmChams in Europe Creative Network Award was established in 2014 to incentivize AmChams to share creative initiatives and projects for the benefit of AmChams throughout the ACE network.

44 directors of AmChams, when selecting a winner, will be looking for projects that are creative and innovative, that have had a meaningful impact on AmCham and members, with a clear potential to benefit other AmChams within the ACE network. The winner will be announced during the ACE annual meeting on October 15.

Previous Winners of the Award were Ukraine (2020), Belgium (2019), and UK (2018).

AmChams in Europe serves as the umbrella organization for American Chambers of Commerce (AmChams) from 44 countries throughout Europe and Eurasia. American Chambers of Commerce are non-profit, non-governmental business organizations all accredited as representatives of U.S businesses in their respective country by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC.

Ukraine hosts the largest of all AmChams in Europe with a dedicated team of more than 40 professionals based in Kyiv, actively promoting Ukraine as an investment destination focused on advocacy, networking, and business information. AmCham has been serving members in Ukraine since 1992.

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