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Ukrainian Law Firms 2019. A Handbook for Foreign Clients is now available in print

Yuridicheskaya Practika Publishing publishes its annual market research Ukrainian Law Firms 2019. A Handbook for Foreign Clients.

The Handbook provides a legislative review and in-depth research of the country’s legal services market.

The publication covers:

  • Recent developments and prospects of the Ukrainian legal services market;
  • Monitoring of notable public transactions done throughout 2018;
  • Review of Ukrainian law by practice areas and industries, carried out by prominent local and international legal counsels;
  • National legal directory by practice areas/industries: 20 surveys and 31 rankings.

“We roughly expanded our contacts with big international counsels without offices in our country, learnt of their current roles in key transactions and unprecedented representations in international courts and arbitration institutions. By way of continuing traditional overviews of transactional practices performed by international counsels, we added two new surveys, litigation and international arbitration,” said Olga Usenko, Chief Editor of the Handbook.

Constant communication with the Ukrainian legal community and analyses of existing trends reveal an interesting set of contradictions:

  • Merger mania is accompanied by spin-offs and unsuccessful experiments that led to spin- offs just several months after the merger;
  • Competition countrywide and at the high-end tier is tight. But it is quite  comfortable and relaxed across some regions of the country;
  • Prices for legal services and existing rates increased in 2018. At the same time, law firms complain about constant dumping by competitors;
  • Despite drastic attention towards various educational initiatives on the legal market, the employment market is starved of good candidates for middle and senior positions.

Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients has been published in English on an annual basis since 2003, and has gained the reputation of being a reliable market guide to top law firms and practitioners in Ukraine.

The full version of the printed magazine will be available on-line shortly at

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The annual market research Ukrainian Law Firms 2019. A Handbook for Foreign Clients has been released.

This Handbook is a unique combination of legislative analyses and in-depth research of the legal services market. The main goal of the research was to produce the current landscape of the market across practices and industries, to reveal market segmentation, landmark issues, solutions and existing expertise on the ground, as well as note the achievements of both teams and individuals.


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